pfm bonsai West Charlton, NY
Examples of Demonstrations and Workshops Conducted
by Pauline Muth 2017-2018

There are a wide variety of topics that I have prepared for group presentations and workshops. All of the workshops have a corresponding demonstration to match. Clubs may choose matching demo/lectures to a workshop or different topics for each. If a club is doing matching topics, it is suggested that the demo/lecture be first and is followed by the workshop. Clubs may wish to visit the studio for an event. With pfm studio facilities, I can accommodate a large group in comfort year round with parking at the studio.

  • $350 for demo/lecture plus materials and transportation.
  • $300 for 1/2 day workshop plus materials and transportation.
  • $325 for bring your own trees 1/2 day workshops.
  • $50 discount if both are scheduled at the same event within the same day.
  • Events may be scheduled to take place at the studio also.
  • I am willing to be roomed at a club member's home.
A screen/TV is needed for all lessons.

Shohin and Mame Principles and Secrets   Import and domestic material especially chosen for good trunk and small size. Chose your favorite to work on. Trees and pots priced individually. Species: various Chinese Elms, Ficus, Shimpaku and other species. Priced from $22 and up. The lecture that corresponds to this is extensive and covers the fine points of small bonsai and is well illustrated. With enough notice advance level material can be provided. This material is considerably more expensive.

Designing the 5 Basic Styles of Bonsai   Shimpaku Juniper is a joy to work with in bonsai. Each can be developed into a Shohin or Mame sized tree that will be one of the stars of your collection. Although these are small trees, they have great branch selection and can be developed in many styles. Trees are $25 and up each. The lecture that goes with this is an overview of the styles of bonsai illustrated by using Shimpaku.

Forest Plantings   Learn how to make a wonderful forest from a variety of material. Trees and pots or slabs are priced individually to be picked to suit your tastes and size preferences. To be done only in April or Early May. Maples, Larch, and other species. Spring only. The lecture covers the principles of forest design and development.

Raft Planting   Make a small forest from just one Juniper by using the raft technique. Learn the technique and then create your bonsai. Trees and trays priced individually by size. Trees $25 and up. Trays or slabs $50 and up. Dependent on availability of materials, very limited. Lecture is on raft plantings and their creation.

Accents A comprehensive lesson on accents for bonsai. This includes a lesson on both kusamono and shitakusa. During the workshop, each participant will plant 3 accents using handmade pots designed and made by Pauline Muth.

Pots and Potting  An extensive lesson on potting and choosing the right pot for your bonsai. IF the group meets at the studio, a pot workshop can be held. Each participant can construct several pots to be used for small trees or accents.

Wiring it Right   Learn all the fine points of bonsai wiring and other training methods. Practice on model trees. Students may bring a tree to wire at the conclusion of the workshop.

Tropical Indoor Bonsai   The demonstration/lecture for this topic covers the growing of bonsai indoor in great detail. I have a new crop of many species grown for indoor culture in the North. Learn the techniques needed to grow healthy trees indoor in the frost and freezing months of the year. Trees and pot selected by the student and priced individually.

Bonsai Species Guides   Grow healthy bonsai, nutrients and growing conditions matter, learn a proven method of growing bonsai in the Northeast designed after years of research. (Lecture can be done as part of a design demo if desired.) Select the species you wish for the lecture. Depending on supplies in my nursery, corresponding material may be available for workshops.

Bonsai Design   Lecture-demo on the points of bonsai design. An open workshop works well as a companion for this topic. During the workshop each tree in a bring your own workshop is discussed in detail with the entire group.

Bonsai Nutrition   Illustrated lecture on nutritional needs for bonsai and how to achieve them. No matching workshop but a Bring Your Own tree could be used as a match.

Phoenix Grafting Learn how to construct a phoenix graft ( attaching live material to driftwood). The workshop for this topic requires each student to bring a piece of driftwood to work with. Instructions on how to prepare the driftwood before the class will be provided.

Blended Trees Create shohin bonsai by grafting 5 or more young seedlings together. This technique allows the use of very young material to quickly create a bonsai with a nice thick trunk. In the workshop, students create one of these trees. Materials cost for each person are $35. This must be scheduled several months in advance.

Basic Botany for Bonsai Learn the basics of horticulture needed to grown healthy bonsai. A bring your own tree workshop works well with this lesson or a critique of the club’s bonsai with an emphasis on health of the trees.

Clump Plantings Learn to construct this special type type of group planting. During the workshop construct a clump using trident or amur maples or larch. Spring Only.

Rock Plantings Learn the techniques and design principles of rock plantings. The workshop has students constructing a rock planting. Very limited supply of rock available.

Exposed Root Bonsai Development of exposed root style takes patience and time. Learn how to construct this style. In the workshop, work with pyracantha. This is a long term project. This must be scheduled one year ahead for material development.

Land and Water Penjing Demonstration and lesson on this Chinese style using a marble tray and Chinese rocks. A variety of species can be used. A very limited supply of materials for workshop.

The Great American Larch A comprehensive lesson on growing and styling collected American Larch. A number of workshops with well established collected larch are available with this lesson from single tree, paired and multiple tree to forest creations. Best done in early spring.

Literati Larch Similar to the above topic but also covers the principles of literati in the lesson. Many sizes of well established collected American Larch available for this workshop.

Roots Over Rock Learn how to construct bonsai with the roots grown attached to rock. Best done in early spring.

Bonsai Close ups on Specific Species Your group chooses a specific species to learn about. The lesson included both horticultural information and bonsai design information on the chosen species. Contact Pauline to determine the species. Depending on the species chosen, a workshop on the species can be provided with material.